Toddlers and hats-the rules

After a relentless battle to keep a hat on my son’s head (well it wasn’t relentless in the end, I relented) on a sunny day here are a few observations that I have made. You’re welcome.

1. If it’s their hat they won’t entertain putting it on.

2. If it’s your hat they won’t entertain taking it off.

3. If it’s vaguely anything hat shaped but not a hat, they wont entertain taking it off.

4. If in the event of an extreme weather condition necessitating a hat, they will not entertain wearing a hat.

5. a) If there is no need to wear a hat they will probably fancy wearing a hat

b) If they fancy wearing a hat it will probably be a silly hat or something that isn’t a hat (refer to item 3).

6. You will be entered into a battle of wills on days that necessitate head gear.

7. It won’t end in your favour, you can’t win, so be quick with the camera whilst they look super cute in the hat you lovingly chose for your headstrong in headgear (or not), toddling totalitarian dictator. Good luck!

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