2021 loading…

Firstly I’d like to wish everyone a massive HNY for 2021. Cumbria has managed to go up not one but two tiers so really it was happy no year but it’s no matter to me as long as I keep everyone who is dear to me safe. I saw the new year in wearing my ever faithful dressing gown (with pyjamas underneath, I’m not some kind of peverted flasher) who has been my rock through 2020. Seriously if you do not own a fluffy comfy dressing gown get one. It’s like wearing a hug.

About this time last year I did write a little story about not wanting to make new year’s resolution and being ready to handle the crap 2020 would throw. Little did I know the state of the shit show that was to follow!! Perhaps I tempted fate I don’t know. Effectively it’s the same this year. No new year new me, because let’s face it there’s no new me to be had at nearly 40 years of age. I come as I am. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and I hope you do too because you’re all awesome and I’ll keep it brief and leave it at that.

I hope to write a lot more this year (that’s not a resolution, just me wanting to do it more!). I’ve certainly got my creative head on, because whilst I’ve got a job cleaning (which I actually find very therapeutic), I want to try an increasing number of avenues that are opening up to me (or me opening myself up to them might be more accurate) which is very exciting.

HNY peeps and stay the fabulous people that I know and love xx

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