Lockdown 2021

I got my covid vaccine today. I feel like shit now and you know what? I’m grateful. I’m grateful to have been offered it, and I’m grateful to feel ill. If this is an immune response from my body to a tiny bit of spike protein of a virus, imagine what would have happened if I had actually caught covid. I keep forgetting I’m not in the younger category that supposedly don’t get as sick with it. I’m nearly 40. It would have wiped the floor with me I think. I feel privileged to have been invited to be vaccinated. So what? The privilege of going back to semi normal is all we have right now and I’m sure as hell going to take it.

Paradoxically, those who don’t want the vaccine who are selfishly wrecking herd immunity for everyone else, should be the very people that getting vaccinated should appeal to as it is a choice that benefits the person, ie is totally selfish. Weird! I’ve over thought this clearly.

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